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Materials Preparation


  1. AJA Sputtering System

    • System can reach a base pressure ~ 4 x 10-8 Torr
    • The system contains 4 magnetron sputtering guns 2 DC and 2 RF which are of a true UHV design allowing baking to 200 °C without disassembly. The sputtering guns allow in-situ tilting of their heads without breaking vacuum. This permits the end user to optimize either uniformity or rate at any working distance in a very short amount of time without venting, resetting the angle, pump down and test. It also allows resetting the precise angle after target changes or source removal for service.

  2. E-Beam Evaporator

    AJA international
    The E-beam system is very similar in design to the sputtering system. The system has the following features:
    • The system contains four material pockets for deposition of single and multilayers and alloys.
    • System can reach a base pressure ~ 5 x 10-9 Torr.
    • The system can handle 4 inch substrates which can be rotated and heated up to 850°C.
    • The system also has a load lock chamber for quick removal and insertion of samples.

  3. PVD PLD/MBE-2000 Pulsed Laser Deposition System

    Our PVD PLD/MBE-2000 machine is based on a Lambda Physik COMPex PRO 110 Laser with 248nm KrF emission capable of producing pulses of 400mJ pulse energy at 20ns pulse duration with a maximum repetition rate of 100 Hz.