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AJA Sputtering System

Instrument types

• System can reach a base pressure ~ 4 x 10-8 Torr
• The system contains 4 magnetron sputtering guns 2 DC and 2 RF which are of a true UHV design allowing baking to 200 °C without disassembly. The sputtering guns allow in-situ tilting of their heads without breaking vacuum. This permits the end user to optimize either uniformity or rate at any working distance in a very short amount of time without venting, resetting the angle, pump down and test. It also allows resetting the precise angle after target changes or source removal for service.
• The system can handle substrates up to 4 inches in diameter and the substrate holder will allow simultaneous, rotation, heating, RF bias and deposition at up to 850 °C in suitable sputtering environment (600 °C in a pure Oxygen environment). Stability is to within ± 1 degree C, Deposition uniformity over 4" is better than ± 1.5 % and temperature uniformity is better than ± 1%.
• A load lock chamber and cassette allows the samples to be removed and changed without venting the chamber. The cassette can hold up to 6 substrates holders.
• The system features a user friendly "plug and play", LabView based computer control system which controls most of the common features including: gun power supplies, shutters, gas flow and pressure, and substrate heater.