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PVD PLD/MBE-2000 Pulsed Laser Deposition System

Instrument types

Our PVD PLD/MBE-2000 machine is based on a Lambda Physik COMPex PRO 110 Laser with 248nm KrF emission capable of producing pulses of 400mJ pulse energy at 20ns pulse duration with a maximum repetition rate of 100 Hz.
The deposition chamber achieves a vacuum of 5·10-9 Torr when baked out and still reaches considerable 1·10-8 Torr in a fast procedure without bake out. A target changer allows loading of 6 ablation targets without breaking the vacuum in the deposition chamber. The laser raster, target rotation and target raster options enable optimized target use and deposition conditions in particular when utilized in concert with continuous substrate rotation. These means assure excellent thickness homogeneity. Discrete target rotation in turn enables us to grow structurally sophisticated combinatorial films. Substrates can be heated up to 950ºC in vacuum, inert gases such as Argon or reactive gases such as Oxygen atmosphere. The latter allows, e.g., for the growth of complex oxide thin films with proper stoichiometry. A corrosion resistant SiC heater assures consistent operation in those extreme sample environments. In-situ and real-time monitoring of the growth process is possible by measuring RHEED intensity oscillations whenever the films grow in a layer-by-layer mode. Installation of mu-metal shielding on the target stage is an additional effort we make to reduce the effect of magnetic stray-fields on the electron beam...