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Mask Aligner (MJB-4)

Instrument types

The MJB4 mask aligner is an easy to use instrument for high-resolution photolithography. It is equipped with 405 nm exposure optics and lamps that allow a sub-micro exposure in vacuum contact. The achievable adjustment accuracy X, Y and Ɵ is below 1 µm. The versatile mask holder allows both round and square plates as masks, and the sample plate accommodates small and odd-shaped substrates. Masks and wafer/substrates to a total thickness of 9.00 mm can be processed. The system also features an infrared system for backside or buried layer alignment.
Equipment Specification:
High resolution printing down to 0.8µm
Overlay accuracy to 1µm
Fast and accurate alignment with SUSS Single-field Microscope
Backside infrared alignment
Substrate size up to 100mm