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Tissue Mechanics Lab

The mission of the Tissue Mechanics Laboratory is to provide specialized instruments and methods to characterize the mechanical properties of soft biological materials, provide quantitative loads to living tissues, foster research in these areas, and provide a resource for the University community and industrial partners.

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  1. Instron-Sacks Planar Biaxial Soft Tissue Testing System

    The low-force planar-biaxial system is designed to perform mechanical testing and property analysis of natural and bioartificial soft tissues. The test system allows single- and multi-axis tests to be performed in position, load control, or strain control and provides maximum flexibility for meeting various soft tissue testing needs.

  2. MicroBionix Testing System

    The MicroBionix® Testing System is a highly accurate and convenient system for low-force static and dynamic mechanical testing of biomaterials and soft tissue. Dual static and dynamic capabilities make it ideal for a broad range of monotonic, durability, and fatigue testing. Tests can be run in load, displacement, and strain control modes. Soft tissue applications include cyclic or step loading to analyze viscoelastic response, fracture mechanics, or fatigue.

  3. NanoIndenter XP Mechanical Properties Microprobe System

    This is an automated system for instrumented indentation of materials. The system consists of a controlled indentation tip with force controlled vertical displacement. Force and displacement versus time are recorded during the indentation. The specimen is mounted on a precision controlled x-y stage for precise positioning of indentation. For hard materials, the standard outputs are hardness and elastic modulus. It can be used for soft tissues with custom data reduction algorithms.