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Bruker Bioscope Catalyst Atomic Force Microscope (AFM, Bio-AFM, Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM))

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Bruker Bioscope Catalyst AFM

Bruker's latest innovations, including Peak Force Tapping and the new Nanomechanics Package, significantly expands BioAFM applications in mechanobiology research and expands support for a lower modulus range covering live cells and tissues. With its open-access design, integrated software for combined AFM and fluorescence imaging, along with the bio-friendly features and accessories, the Bioscope Catalyst is the most integrated and easiest to use life science AFM available.

The BioScope Catalyst is designed to integrate with inverted light
microscopes without compromising the performance of the AFM
or the light microscope. It features best-in-class optical access
from both above and below the AFM. You can use standard 0.5
NA condensers for transmitted light techniques and you can fully
populate the objective turret for best versatility. An infrared SLD
beam is used for deflection detection, which is easily blocked to
avoid interference with fluorescence techniques.

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