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Nanofabrication and Clean-Room

NCMN Nanofabrication Central Facility provides state-of-the-art instrument for designing, fabricating, characterizing and testing of complex nano/micro-scale structures and devices.  All these advanced tool sets are housed within the 4000 sq. ft. clean room at the Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center. The facility opens to all UNL researchers as well as external (including private sector) researchers for carrying out their research projects in physics, chemistry, nano/microelectronics, MEMs/NEMs, nano-bio, and other related and interdisciplinary areas.  Staff support is available for training, process consultation, and collaboration on new process development.

- Electron Beam Lithography System (EBL)
- Laser Lithography System (DWL66 -FS)
- Mask Aligner (MJB-4)
Focused Ion Beam
- FEI Strata 200xp Focused-Ion Beam (FIB) Workstation
- Reactive Ion Etching System (Trion Minilock-Phantom III )
- Wet Etching Bench
- Stylus Profilometer (Dektak-XT)
- Film Thickness Measurement System (Filmetrics F40)
- Optic Microscope (Nikon L200N)
- Resistivity Measurement Stand (Lucas 302)
Wafer Processing
- Spinner (Laurell WS-400-6NPP)
- Hot Plate (Super Nuova 120)
- Oven (Thermo Scientific 3492M)
- UltraSonic Cleaner (Brason 2510)
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  1. Electron Beam Lithography System (EBL)

    This EBL system is composed with a Zeiss Supra 40 field-emission scanning electron microscope and a Raith pattern generator. The Zeiss Supra 40 features electron beam up to 30KeV and provides capability of reproducibly achieving feature sizes as small as 20nm. It is also integrated with an laser interferometer-controlled wafer stage, which makes it possible to accomplish stitching application and multilayer EBL with overlay accuracy better than 50nm on a wide variety of substrates.
    Equipment Specification:
    Energy of electrons: 0.1 - 30 keV

  2. FEI Strata 200xp Focused-Ion Beam Workstation

    Featuring FEI's 30 kV focused Ga+ ion column, this focused ion beam (FIB) system is a versatile tool for performing work at the nanoscale. The most powerful capability of FIB is precisely controlled milling, which allows the freedom to manipulate the sample such as create a cross-section, remove material from selected region or create any possible shape in various substrates and materials as "carved in stone".

  3. Mask Aligner (MJB-4)

    The MJB4 mask aligner is an easy to use instrument for high-resolution photolithography. It is equipped with 405 nm exposure optics and lamps that allow a sub-micro exposure in vacuum contact. The achievable adjustment accuracy X, Y and Ɵ is below 1 µm. The versatile mask holder allows both round and square plates as masks, and the sample plate accommodates small and odd-shaped substrates. Masks and wafer/substrates to a total thickness of 9.00 mm can be processed. The system also features an infrared system for backside or buried layer alignment.
    Equipment Specification: