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Infrared Raman

Instrument types

We have designated space in the MRSEC CFL for an Acton Research TriplePro triple spectrometer and a Princeton Instruments Spec-10:100BR detector. The TriplePro spectrograph will be coupled to the existing CLF Pulsed Spectra-Physics Nd:YAG 250 Series laser. This Nd:YAG laser is combined with an Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) tunable from 450 nm up to 1.8 ┬Ám. The energy per pulse in this range is in the order of few tens of mJ, and the YAG laser itself can be used as a powerful (hundreds of mJ) laser source for each of its lines. When completed this instrumentation will provide excellent light throughput and laser-light rejection as well as the low noise, high NIR quantum efficiency, and spatial resolution needed for biomaterials and metalloprotein research.