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MRFN Workshop 2011

Proceedings of the MRFN Shared Research Facilities Management Workshop

Nov 1-2, 2011

Hosted at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

The Workshop was the first of its kind for MRSEC Shared Facilities, bringing together the technical personnel from 29 institutions to exchange expertise and identify common challenges associated with operating high-tech shared facilities for materials research.

This page outlines the proceedings of the 1.5-day workshop, and provides access to the presentation materials which were presented there.


Tuesday, November 1

1:00 PM

Welcome Session

Craig Hawker, UCSB, MRSEC Director, Moderator

Tom Rieker, NSF Program Manager

Amorette Getty, UCSB, MRFN Director



MRSEC Program Overview

1:30 PM

Session 1: Alternate/New Facility Models

Amorette Getty, UCSB, MRFN Director, Moderator

Ian Harvey, University of Utah

Kathleen Carrado Gregar, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Labs

Sandrine Martin, University of Michigan



Utah's New MRSEC Shared Facility

Argonne's CNM and the National Lab Model

The NNIN and the Michigan NNIN Node

2:30 PM

Session 2: Recharge Models and User Fees

Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, Moderator

Tom Rieker, NSF Program Officer

Jurriaan Gerretsen, Cornell Center for Materials Research, Cornell University

Robert Cornwall, Pennsylvania State University



Charging Fees for Gov't-Funded Equipment

Cornell's CCMR Shared Facilities Facility Rates

Penn State User Facility Recharge Models

3:30 PM

Session 3: Equipment Maintenance

Jurriaan Gerretsen, CCMR, Cornell University, Moderator


Open Discussion Format, no presentations

4:30 PM

Tour of Northwestern’s Shared Facilities


5:30 PM

Networking Dinner


November 2

9:00 AM


Session 4: Training Users

Mary Raven, UC Santa Barbara, Moderator

Gerald Poirier, Princeton University


User Training

Education and Training at Princeton's IAC

10:00 AM

Session 5: Logging/Tracking/Billing Solutions

Doug Yates, University of Pennsylvania, Moderator

John Shott, Stanford University

Ryan Taylor, University of Utah

Doug Yates, University of Pennsylvania

Mary Raven, UC Santa Barbara, and Qiti Guo, The University of Chicago

Robert Cornwall, Pennsylvania State Univeristy

Shuyou Li, Northwestern University



OpenCoral Project

University of Utah’s Coral implementation

Brown Bear’s Calcium Software


Versatile Software

Facility Online Manager (FOM)

11:15 AM

Session 6: Working with Outside Users

Alexander Ribbe, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Moderator

Doug Yates, University of Pennsylvania

Jon McCarthy, University of Wisconsin – Madison



Penn Regional Nanotechnology Facility

UWM's 'Collaborative Membership' Model

12:15 PM



1:15 PM

Session 7: Remote Instrument Operation

Joe Doyle, University of California, Santa Barbara, Moderator

Michael Rooks, Yale University

Doug Yates, University of Pennsylvania

Vinayak Dravid and Shuyou Li, Northwestern University

Jon McCarthy, University of Wisconsin – Madison




Yale's Remote Instrument Access Setup

Remote Access for Education and Collaboration

NUANCE Remote Access Control and Sharing

UWM's Live Demo of Remote Access

2:15 PM

Session 8: Grants and Proposals

William Kung, Northwestern University, Amherst, Moderator

Randy Phelps, NSF Staff Associate OD/OIA

Tom Rieker, NSF Program Manager



MRI Grant Proposals

NSF DMR Funding Opportunities

3:30 PM

Session 9: Keeping Relevant; What’s Next?

Craig Hawker, UC Santa Barbara, Moderator

Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota

Jurriaan Gerretsen, Cornell University

Alexander Ribbe, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Amorette Getty, UC Santa Barbara, MRFN Director



Panel Review of UMN's Shared Facility

Keeping Facilities Relevant



5:00 PM

Workshop End


A report summarizing the key findings of the workshop is being drafted, and will also be made available on this website when published in early February, 2012.

The Workshop organizers would like to thank the NSF, Northwestern University, and the University of California, Santa Barbara, for their support in the planning and funding of this event.

Please send any inquiries to