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Thermal Evaporator

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Thermionics VE-90

The upgraded Thermionics VE-90 thermal evaporator is a versatile 3 source thermal evaporation system that has been used to deposit a variety of thin metal films to support electrical and optical characterization efforts within the MRSEC. The evaporator has a turbo-molecular pumping system, a stainless steel bell-jar with removable top plate, two 2kVA dc power supplies for three independent resistive sources, two thickness/rate controllers, and a pneumatic source shutter. It allows co-evaporation from two different sources for alloy/compound films, or, a sequence of depositions from three different sources for mutilayers/superlattices. The system is also equipped with a rotary-feedthrough and a 2"-linear-feedthrough for in situ masking, two liquid-nitrogen feedthroughs for cold trap and sample-stage cooling, and an electrical-feedthrough for sample-stage heating and/or in situ resistance monitoring of the film in deposition.