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Bruker D8 Advance


The Bruker D8 Advance is a Cu-source, theta-theta diffractometer equipped with a Lynx-eye position sensitive detector.  This detector allows for a range of scattering angles to be measured simultaneously, increasing signal detection and decreasing scan times.  Two sample stages are installed with the diffractometer: 1) A rotation stage for increased crystallite illumination and 2) an Anton-Paar CHC Cryo & Humidity stage.  Samples can be heated or cooled under and inert atmosphere or vacuum from - 190°C to 300°C, allowing for temperature dependent phase identification.  The sample stage is also equipped to handle various level of humidity for biological applications.  The Bruker D8 Advance is ideal for temperature dependent x-ray diffraction analysis of inorganics, pharmaceutics, and organic systems which require precise temperature control.


  • Cu Kα radiation, line source filtered with a Ni foil
  • Bruker Lynx-eye position sensitive detector
  • Anton-Paar CHC Cryo & Humidity stage
  • Temperature dependent x-ray diffraction possible from -190°C to 300°C
  • Software level program control for temperature set-point, dwell, and ramping control