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Field Emission Gun Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope

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FEI Tecnai G2 F30

This is a field-emission gun Transmission Electron Microscope operable up to 300kV.  The high-brightness, high coherency gun allow large electron probe currents to be focused onto nanometer sized areas of the specimen.  High tilt capabilities (up to 70°) allow crystallography studies.  It is equipped with an Electron Energy-Loss Gatan Imaging Filter to study low-Z elements.  Images can be recorded using two different CCD cameras or film in TEM.


  • Field Emission Gun
  • Twin-pole piece with point to point resolution of 0.24nm; 0.15 nm resolution can be achieved by computer processing
  • Magnifications up to 800,000X (More than 1 million times in STEM mode)
  • Fully computer controlled high stability CompuStage
  • Up to 70° eucentric tilt
  • Operation at accelerating voltages from 50kV to 300kV
  • 4k x 4k Ultrascan CCD camera
  • Low-noise plate camera
  • Bright Field (BF) and Dark Field (DF) STEM imaging
  • High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) detector for Z-Contrast imaging
  • Gatan imaging filter with 2k x 2k CCD for Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry (EELS) and Energy Filtered imaging (EFTEM)
  • Xplore 3D and Amira software for TEM Tomography (For 3D reconstruction of TEM images)


  • Single-tilt holder
  • Double-tilt holder
  • Cryo-holder
  • Tomography holder