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Transmission Electron Microscope

Instrument types
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FEI Tecnai T12

A transmission electron microscope (TEM) with an operating voltage range of 20 to 120 kV.  Capabilities include magnifications of thin samples (<200 nm) up to 700,000 times, an energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) system, a Gatan MSC794 CCD camera for digital image acqusition, and a video camera for video-rate recording at moderate magnifications.


The Tecnai T12 microscope combines all imaging, diffraction, and analytical techniques at good spatial resolution and detection efficiency.  A variety of heating, cooling, and mechanical testing sample holders are available for use with this microscope.

Application-Specific Modes

  • Bright- and dark-field imaging.
  • TEM microprobe and nanoprobe analysis.
  • Small-probe convergent beam.
  • Large specimen tilt.


Specimen Holders -
  • Single-tilt, double-tilt, and tilt–rotate holders.
  • Double-tilt cooling.
  • Single- and double-tilt heating.
  • Straining and indenting holders.
  • Low-background single-tilt EDX holder.

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer - An Oxford Inca system with an ultrathin window Si(Li) detector can detect characteristic X-rays generated by elements from beryllium to uranium.  Software allows for the analysis of signals, digital background subtraction, and automatic peak identification.

Sample Applications:

  • Composition analysis structure of grain boundaries in ceramics.
  • Magnetic films on chromium.
  • Identification of precipitates in materials.
  • Analysis of nanoparticle sizes.