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NEOARM Aberration-corrected scanning / transmission electron microscope

Instrument types

The JEOL NEOARM is a scanning / transmission electron microscope, equipped with a spherical aberration corrector for the probe-forming optics. This corrector has improved stability and optimizes 5th order aberrations, leading to <0.7Å imaging at 200kV, and <1.6Å at 30kV. The instrument is a high-brightness cold field emission instrument. It is equipped with two large area energy dispersive x-ray spectrometers that permit rapid atomic-resolution EDS mapping. It is equipped with a Gatan Image Filter, incorporating DualEELS capability to ensure accurate energy calibration and a K2-IS direct electron detector at the end of the filter. This detector has a detection quantum efficiency that is close to 1.0, and thus allows high sensitivity, leading to the detection of very high energy losses.  The detector also allows 2k x 2k image acquisitions at 400 frames/second, and 512k x 2k image acquisitions at 1600 frames/second, making it optimal for in-situ/operando microscopy. The instrument has STEMx capability, which allows rapid collection of diffraction images during STEM acquisition, and which thus allows ptychography, strain measurement, and other novel forms of quantitative image information extraction. This JEOL NEOARM is the first to be installed in the U.S.