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Program Application

FEI Helios Nanolab 600 Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope

Instrument types
  • Sophisticated platform for sample preparation, imaging and analysis.
  • Kleindeik Nanomanipulators for in situ electrical measurements and nanomanipulation
  • Innovative Elstar electron column for high-resolution, high-contrast imaging
  • High-performance Sidewinder ion column for fast, precise cross sectioning
  • SEM imaging resolution as high as 0.9 nm at 15 kV at optimal working distance

Additional Capabilities include:

  • Pt deposition
  • X-ray EDS microanalysis with 2D material mapping
  • e-beam lithography with Nabity NPGS software
  • Two Kleindiek MM3A-EM nanomanipulator for in situ nanomanipulation and two-probe electrical measurements