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The Specimen Preparation Evaluation Analysis and Reaction System is a system of interconnected Ultrahigh Vacuum (UHV) chambers for the preparation and study of surfaces and interfaces. The Analytical Chamber is equipped with a PHI Electronics Duoplasmatron Ion Gun, a PHI Electronics Dual-Anode X-ray Source, an FEI Thermally Assisted Schottky Field Emission Electron Gun, and the PHI Electronics Spherical Electron Energy Analyzer. The ion gun can produce oxygen, argon, or xenon ions which, when coupled with a secondary electron detector, generate useful Secondary Electron Microscopy (SEM) images during sputtering. The electron energy analyzer can acquire XPS data from either Al K-alpha or Mg K-alpha x-rays from the X-ray source, as well as highly spatially resolved Auger electron data generated by the electron gun. The electron gun can also be used for the direct heating of samples. The Transfer Chamber allows samples to be moved between the Load-Lock, the Analytical chamber, and various other connected systems (UHV-HREM, MIBE, SINBAD) while at all times remaining in a UHV environment.