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ISS ChronosBH TCSPC Fluorometer

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ISS ChronosBH

Our ChronosBH (ISS) Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) spectrofluorometer that is capable of measuring fluorescence lifetimes down to 250ps in a 300-950nm spectral range with either a monochromator or discrete filters. A supercontinuum fiber laser provides 5 ps continuously tunable excitation pulses from 425 to 800nm and a complementary set of LED and laser diodes cover the UV (280, 300, 345 & 405nm). This instrument is ideal for high-resolution time-domain and spectral FRET, fluorescence polarization, and time-resolved anisotropy measurements. Long lifetimes (milliseconds) may be measured with its multichannel scaler card and accessories are available for temperature control and stop-flow.

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