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Program Application

Electrical Characterization-Impedance/Current/Resistance Measuremnets, PE and Strain, Breakdown, Poling Samples

Instrument types

Electrical characterization is preformed using a variety of temperature chambers, LCR meters, impedance analyzers, pA meters, DMMs, charge converters, lock-in amplifiers, dynamic signal analyzers, voltage amplifiers, and sample fixturing for bulks, films, and leaded samples. Many measurements are entirely automated with the GADD measurement program. GADD takes directions in the form of a short user generated script file (text file) and uses those directions to control the measurement hardware to collect data your way. The accompanying VIZ graphing program allows data (sometimes multidimensional) from the GADD program to be interactively viewed, generally as a surface formed by any two of the measurement parameters (user selected) with any others held at fixed values (also user selected). The viewed graphs can be exported as .png files or the raw data can be saved (generally reduced to 1 or 2 dimensional data) in a text format readable by any graphing program.

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