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FTIR-Bruker IFS 66/S and Bruker Vertex V70; Near-IR/Mid-IR/Far-IR, Step Scan, Interchangeable Optical Components

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Bruker IFS 66/S and Bruker Vertex V70

Infrared spectrometry is useful for the identification of both organic and inorganic compounds. Aggregates of atoms (or functional groups) such as C=O, -NO2, C-N, and C-F; just to name a few, are all associated with characteristic infrared absorptions. Thus, infrared spectrometry is ideal for the identification of functional groups present within a sample. FT-IR capabilities within the MCL are geared towards the analysis of solids (organic, inorganic, and biological) in a variety of forms to include: fibers, thin films, microtome cuts, particles, powders, coatings, residues, monolayers, and monolithic solids. With the recent acquisition of an infrared microscope MCL now has FT-IR mapping/imaging capabilities along with the capacity to perform infrared microanalysis on samples down to ~10 microns in size

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