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Edinburgh FLS1000 luminescence Spectrometer

Instrument types

The Edinburgh FLS1000 system is a modular fluorescence spectrometer for measuring spectra from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared spectral range (250 to 2550 nm), and lifetimes spanning from picoseconds to seconds. The system currently houses three light sources (450 W ozone-free Xenon arc lamp, microsecond Xenon flashlamp, 405nm picosecond pulsed diode laser), three detectors (Si PMT, InGaAs PMT, and InGaAs steady-state detector), an integrating sphere attachment for measuring absolute photoluminescence quantum yields, and a fiber optics module for external measurements. The large sample compartment is equipped to measure either solution phase samples in a cuvette or solid-state samples on specially designed film or crystal holders. Light sources, detectors, grating, slits, and polarizers are all computer-controlled for accurate and precise measurements. Additionally, all spectral data are corrected in real time for the spectral response of both the light source and detector, making data measured on this system immediately ready for publication.