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FEI DB235 Dual-Beam Focus Ion Beam System (FIB) w/ EDS

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DB235 is small stage system combining a Hexalens electron column and a Magnum ion column for failure analysis and high-end sample preparation. A Schottkey emitter is used for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) under 200 – 300 kV, while Gallium liquid metal is for focus ion beam (FIB) operated at 5 to 30 kV in a current range of 1pA to 20 nA. 3D imaging can be carried out by using these two beams arranged in 52°-tilt angle. The resolution is 3 nm for SEM and 7 nm for FIB. This system is controlled under Window NT system, capable of automated TEM sample preparation.  An EDAX electron dispersive X-ray analysis system is attached for chemical analysis.