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FEI Tecnai G2 Sphera Microscope for Life Science Studies

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This microscope is designed for 200kV and lower operation voltages, suitable for studies of biological, organic and other beam sensitive materials. For that purpose, this microscope is equipped with a CCD camera (Gatan Ultrascan 1000 2Kx2K) and a cryo-station for specimen preparation and transfer within liquid nitrogen. With a LaB6 emitter, the resolution is 0.27 nm at 200kV. Features: (1) Tomography with high tilt and large field of view; (2) CompuStage with Smart-Tilt software; (3) Low-dose exposure.

Specimen holders: (1) Single tilt holder ±70°; (2) Double tilt holder (x ±70°, y ±30°).; (3) Gatan cryo-transfer holder.