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Imago LEAP 3000X HR Atom Probe Microscope

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Atom probe provides atomic -resolution, three-dimensional imaging, compositional imaging, and analyses. The Imago atom probe is used to analyze the structure and composition of materials for light emission and electronic devices, materials systems for advanced propulsion, energy generation, including gas turbines and nuclear reactors, and hypersonic flight.

The atom probe instrument can be used to solve key problems in interfacial chemistry and abruptness, alloy composition and homogeneity, and dopant and impurity concentrations in a wide range of materials.

Materials are examined by removing and analyzing individual atoms. Atoms are removed by a combination of a high electrical field and either: (1) an ultra-fast voltage pulse or (2) an ultra-fast laser pulse. Each ion is analyzed by measuring the time of flight to the detector through an energy-compensated time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The LEAP HR employs patented innovations that provide best in class mass resolution while simultaneously enabling a large field of view (> 150 nm).