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Kratos Axis Ultra X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) system

Instrument types

Purchased in 2001, the Kratos Ultra combines fast, high-sensitivity XPS (X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometry) with a unique "real-time" imaging capability that allows us to quickly produce 2-dimensional chemical-state maps with spatial resolution as fine as 5 microns. The system also provides state-of-the-art charge compensation for non-conductive specimens. Spectra can be taken from areas as small as 15 microns in diameter. And most elements other than hydrogen and helium can be detected down to approximately 0.1%. XPS offers a quantitative determination of the elemental composition of the top 80 to 100 Angstroms of solid specimens. High-resolution scans can then be taken of elemental peaks of interest to determine chemical bonding information. In addition, specimens can be tilted to provide a shallower analysis. The system is also equipped with a cold stage, and an Ar ion gun for cleaning and depth profiling. Three X-ray sources are available: monochromated Al, and non-monochromated Mg and Al.  Now a UPS (Ultraviolet) source is added for valence band studies.  A special sample holder is for air-sensitive samples.