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Physical Electronics 6650 Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)

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Dynamic SIMS is used for depth profiling solid materials, allowing a determination of elemental composition as a function of depth. The key attributes of SIMS are its unparalleled sensitivity (detection down to ppb levels in some cases) and its high depth resolution (as low as 30 Angstroms). SIMS is not inherently quantitative but can give quantitative results on unknowns if appropriate standards are supplied. In depth profiling mode, up to 12 elements can be monitored as a function of depth in a single scan. And in samples with unknown contaminants, the SIMS can be operated in mass spectrum mode rather than depth profiling mode, to scan a mass range from 0 to 300 a.m.u. Any solid sample can be run, including polymers, metals, ceramics, and semiconductors. A cesium ion gun is used to detect electronegative species and an oxygen ion gun is used to detect electropositive species. Ion images can also be generated, with a lateral resolution down to approximately 8 microns.