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FEI Strata 200xp Focused-Ion Beam Workstation

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Featuring FEI's 30 kV focused Ga+ ion column, this focused ion beam (FIB) system is a versatile tool for performing work at the nanoscale. The most powerful capability of FIB is precisely controlled milling, which allows the freedom to manipulate the sample such as create a cross-section, remove material from selected region or create any possible shape in various substrates and materials as "carved in stone". Two complimentary gas injection systems (GIS) are equipped for enhanced etching of carbon containing materials such as polymers or for deposition of conductive and protective Pt layer. It is a superb general purpose tool for SEM imaging, high aspect ratio probe milling, grain structure analysis, circuit modification and failure analysis, defect characterization, fabrication of nano-patterns, and other related applications. Equipment Specification:

  • Single Ga Ion beam system
  • Accelerating energy range: 5 - 30 keV
  • Beam current range: 1 pA - 11.5 nA
  • Less than 50 nm minimum resolution in milling and patterning
  • Two complimentary gas injection systems (GIS) for Pt deposition and selective carbon milling