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Instrument types

The former AC-300 was obtained originally from the now-defunct IBM Instruments in 1986; it was upgraded with a Varian Inova console in spring 1996. In January 2000, the console was replaced with a Unity console from the VXR-300. In 2009, the Unity console was replaced with a used Mercury console donated from the Medicinal Chemistry department. The VAC-300 has anautomatic sample changer attached and runs continually in automatic mode. Users place their samples in the rack and set up the desired experiments on the computer. It has a 4-nucleus probe, which permits H1, F19, P31, and C13 detection. No VT control is possible. The experiments available include:

  • Proton
  • Carbon
  • DEPT
  • Fluorine
  • Phosphorus
  • COSY