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Varian Inova 500

Instrument types

The Varian Inova 500, originally installed in 1989 as a Varian Unity, was upgraded in 1996 with a new console, a third RF channel, PFG (pulsed field gradients), and WFG (wave form generators).

Several probes are currently available:

  • 5mm H{P-X} triple resonance, Z-axis PFG probe (usually in the magnet)
  • 5mm H{C-X} triple resonance, triple-axis PFG probe
  • 5mm H{X} indirect detection probe
  • 5mm Broadband X{H} probe
  • 10mm Lowband X{H} probe

Probe changes must be scheduled with the NMR Lab staff.

Variable temperature (-20C to +60C) is available.