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Microwave Reactor (CEM)

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CEM Corporation
3100 Smith Farm Road
Matthews, NC 28106
Telephone: 800-726-3331
Internet -

The CEM Focused Microwave TM Synthesis System, Discover S is designed to enhance the ability to perform chemical reactions under controlled conditions on a laboratory scale. The system facilitates either homogenous or heterogeneous solution phase chemistry, solid phase chemistry or chemistry conducted on solid supports. It accommodates vessels ranging in working volume from 5 mL to 125 mL for reactions performed under atmospheric conditions and 10 mL or 35 mL vessels with septa in addition to 80 mL vessels for reactions performed at elevated temperature and pressure. Primary uses of the Discover are in the discovery and lead optimization phases of the new product development process.

Microwave energy has long been used for Polymer Chemistry, both in monomer synthesis and polymerizations. It has been proven to reduce side reactions, shorten overall reaction time, and generate a better overall polymer yield. Microwave energy has been used for:

  • Free radical polymerization
  • Step-growth polymerizations
  • Living radical polymerization
  • Ring opening polymerizations
  • Sol-gel polymerizations
    .....And many more.......

Instrument: CEM Discover S System

Temperature: 50 - 300 °C
Pressure range: Atmospheric-21 bar
Power range: 0-300 W at 2.45 MHz
Agitation: Magnetic stirrer

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