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Quantum Design PPMS

The PPMS provides precise and continuous temperature control from 1.7K to 400K and is equipped with a 9-Tesla superconducting magnet for work at high magnetic fields. A Cryomech PT410 Helium reliquefier allows continuous operation with closed-cycle cryogen recovery. Installed accessories include DC resistivity, a high vacuum (<10–5 Torr) cryopump, a horizontal sample rotator, and a user-modifiable multifunction probe for custom sample assemblies. A BNC breakout box allows direct electrical access to connections on sample pucks and the user resistance bridge of the Model 6000 controller. MultiVu, Labview, and Python software packages provide experiment control. Additional instrumentation includes a Lakeshore Model 370 AC resistance bridge, a two-channel Signal Recovery 7230 DSP lock-in amplifier, a Keithley 2636A Dual-channel SourceMeter, a Keithley 3706A matrix switch to allow automated 4-wire measurements on multiple samples, and a variety of dewar-compatible optics and spectrometers.

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