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Nikon Eclipse 200/Confocal VT Eye

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Nikon Eclipse 200/Confocal VT Eye

Inverted light microscope, capable of fluorescence microscopy. This microscope is attached to a VisiTech 'VT-Eye' confocal setup, and Bohlin Gemini rheometer.

VisiTech 'VT-Eye'

  • 30 images per second (512 x 512 pixels); up to 400 images/s for reduced field of view
  • Ultra-fast 3D acquisition: 256 x 256 x 100 pixel 3D image, 1 per second
  • Z-scan up to 100 microns with 100 nm resolution
  • Multi- wavelength excitation laser, at 488, 569 and 633 nm
  • Reflection mode capability
  • VoxCell software for easy control and data management