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Kratos X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

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Kratos Analytical Axis Ultra

XPS is a powerful technique for the detection of variations in chemical composition and oxidation state. Subtle changes in peak positions and shape can yield important information on changes in surface chemistry. The AXIS Ultra provides a high energy resolution capability for both conductive and insulating samples through the incorporation of the Kratos patented charge neutralization system. The incorporation of the patented spherical mirror analyzer in conjunction with the standard hemispherical system in the AXIS Ultra provides the ability to obtain not only high spatial resolution imaging, but also a real-time parallel detection facility that allows high quality chemical images to be obtained in only a few seconds.

The real time imaging capability of the Ultra reduces the sample setup time and significantly reduces the image acquisition time. This ultimately leads to improved data quality and a greater sample throughput. A key feature of the Axis Ultra XPS instrument is the ability to obtain spectroscopic information from a selected area of a sample without the need to translate the specimen. The ability to obtain a fast parallel chemical image which can be used as a reference to perform spectroscopic analysis is an integral part of the AXIS Ultra system The incorporated electrostatic deflection system allows easy multi-point analysis to be carried out from within the imaged field of view.