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ASCEND 400MHz WB NMR/DNP Spectrometer for Solids

Instrument types

The brand new Bruker ASCEND III HD 400MHz (9.4T) wide bore (89mm) spectrometer is available for solid-state NMR experiments. Also featured is a (+/-) 750 Gauss sweep coil enabling the possibility of high field dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) experiments once a microwave source is aquired.

The three channel spectrometer is currently equiped with following probes:

  • a 4mm MAS triple resonance broadband X/Y/H probe

     -- H channel: 1H (400MHz) only

     -- X channel: 207Pb (81 MHz) - 31P (171 MHz)

                           17O (43 MHz) - 87Rb (132 MHz)

                           15N (30.5 MHz - 42.5 MHz)

                           w/47pF shunt-capacitor

     X/Y pairs: 31P/27Al, 13C/15N-2H

  • a 2.5mm MAS triple resonance broadband X/F/H probe

     -- H channel: for both 1H (400MHz) and 19F (376MHz) (simultaneous tuning)

     -- X channel: typically 17O (43 MHz) - 119Sn (150MHz) (No 7Li and 31P)

     w/47pF shunt-capacitor: 31.6MHz - 45.5MHz (15N)


For more details of individual nuclei, please see: