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Nicolet Magna 850 FTIR Spectrometer with FT-Raman module

Instrument types
  • The FT-IR 850 Bench is equipped with specific sets of beamsplitter/detectors:
    • ability to work in the
      • Mid-IR (400 - 4,000 cm-1) --- framework basicity
      • Near-IR (4,000 - 12,500 cm-1) --- defect SiOH
      • Far-IR (10 - 400 cm-1) --- cations translations
    • cells allowing in-situ measurements both in transmission and in reflection
    • Diffuse Reflectance (DRIFTS) --- highly opaque or weakly absorbing samples
    • Photoacoustic (PAS) --- opaque samples
    • Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) --- optically dense materials
    • Wire Grid Polarizer available for ATR
    • Hydraulic Pellet Press. 13mm pellet die/maker available upon request
  • FT-Raman Module:
    • Organic/Inorganic interactions in hybrid materials
    • Organics trapped in layered and porous framework
    • Experiments to check the validity of simulated results (Force Field, etc.)
    • Works with powder, and liquid samples. Not capable of thin film measurements.
    • Sample Tubes: 5mm O.D. NMR tubes are the easiest to use. The dimensions should be as follows:
      • Max Tube Height = ~45 mm
      • Minimum Sample Height = ~13 mm
        However, if limited sample is available, then a ~6 mm spacer can be used and only ~4mm of sample is required
    • HeNe Laser Wavelength = 1064 nm.
  • Regulations and Procedures for Using IR or Raman.

The IR/Raman laboratory is equipped with a vacuum line and other gas lines (He, N2, O2, Air, etc.) which allows simple sample preparation and the ability to perform in-situ studies on the IR/Raman spectrometer.


Everyone must first be trained on the instrument before using it. Please fill out the Training Request Form and indicate which instrument(s) you would like to do; please check all that apply.