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Q-Sense E4 Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM-D)

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The Q-Sense E4 is a real-time analytical instrument for studies of molecular events occurring on surfaces. The E4 measures mass and viscoelastic properties of molecular layers as they build up or change on the sensor surface. Areas of interest include materials, protein and surfactant research.

  • 4 flow modules for parallel measurements
  • 15-65 degrees C, controlled via the QSoft401 software with a stability of +_ 0.02K
  • 1-70 MHz Frequency Range
  • Maximum Time Resolution of 200 data points per second
  • Maximum Mass Sensitivity in liquid -0.5 ng/cm2 (5pg/mm2)
  • Maximum Dissipation Sensitivity in liquid -0.04 x 10 -8



Everyone must first be trained on the instrument before using it. Please fill out the Training Request Form and indicate which instrument(s) you would like to do; please check all that apply.