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DynaCool PPMS

Instrument types
The new DynaCool PPMS does electrical, transport, and magnetic measurements on samples while controlling their environment from 1.9 to 400 K and with a magnetic field from 0 to plus or minus 9 Tesla.
It has four predefined measurement Options, Resistivity, ETO, Horizontal Rotator, and VSM.  It can be used with external instrumentation just as the PPMS can.  Manuals are available for download below.
The Resistivity is just the same as Resistivity on the original PPMS.
The Electrical Transfer Option (ETO), is a second generation version of ACT but is quite different in some respects.  Most significantly the two channels are measured at the same time and are electrically connected so that samples using Van Der Pauw wire placement are compromised.  QD now understands that this is a problem and is actively working on solutions.
The built in ETO functions are (AC ) Resistivity, IV Curve, and dV/dI.  Resistivity and IV both supply current and measure voltage.  Hall can be calculated from the measured voltage.  dV/dI is a new function and it can be used to supply voltage and measure current; it can also measure differential resistance as a function of bias current or voltage.  For more information about the ETO, see sections 1.2 & 1.3 in the ETO manual.
The Resistivity and ETO both use Resistivity pucks, ACT pucks are not native to the DynaCool  but a patch box, like the one we got for the PPMS, is on order.
The Horizontal Rotator allows samples to be measured at any angle with respect to the magnetic field.
The Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is much faster but has lower resolution than the Squid.  It is somewhat difficult to set up and very delicate.  It is for Squid users only.
The temperature range is from 1.9 to 400 K and it can cool the sample at up to 50 K per minute.  The magnet can go to 9 Tesla.
Access is for all qualified PPMS users.  New users will be trained on the original PPMS and may then move to the DynaCool PPMS.  Time may be reserved via FOM. 
The recharge rate is the same as for the PPMS; $25 per hour to a maximum of $130 per day for on campus users.

The manufacturer's description is posted at