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High Temperature Powder XRD

Instrument types

The Bruker D8 Advance is a very easy to use x-ray diffractometer set up to measure powders, thin films, and foils in the theta theta configuration. The X-Ray source uses a copper target. The D8 can conveniently measure down to 5 degrees 2 theta.

This Bruker D8 is a theta-theta XRD with an Anton Parr HTK 16 High Temperature stage and an M Braun PSD

The high temperature stage allows samples to be measured at tightly controlled temperatures from room temperature to 1600° C. The HTK 16 is setup to be used in open air, under mechanical vacuum, or in a purge gas.

The Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) is much faster than other x-ray detectors for an equivalent signal to noise ratio. This allows large numbers of scans at defined sample temperatures in a reasonable period of time.

The fast PSD allows many powder scans to be done rapidly at ambient temperature.

The EVA software is comprehensive and versatile with fast and convenient 2 and 3 dimensional data evaluation and presentation. Data files can be exported to other programs.

Users of this XRD are required to go through three levels of training before they are authorized to perform data collection independently. The training consists of:

  • General lab safety training, provided periodically by the UCSB Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S).
  • General radiation safety training, provided with instructional video ("The Double Edged Sword") available at the Audio/Visual Center at Kerr Hall on campus.
  • Special instrument training, conducted by the development engineer for the lab.