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MicroMeritics TriStar Porosimeter

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Porosimeters - Surface Area, Pore Volume, & Pore Size Distribution Measurement

We have a Micromeritics Porosimiter that provides fast and accurate measurements of the surface area, pore volume, and the pore size distribution of small powder samples.

The TriStar provides fast and accurate measurements for up to three powder samples at a time. It is easy to use and reasonably easy to learn to use. The use of the instrument is straight forward, the test setups are ready for use, and the interpretation of the data is mostly automatic.

The TriStar 3000 is designed to measure in the mesopore range, from 30 to 3000 angstroms, although it can give an indication of the surface area for micropores in the range of 3 to 30 angstroms.

The instrument uses nitrogen as the analysis gas and liquid nitrogen as the cryogen.

Micromeritics offers more information about this instrument on their website: