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The UCSB Free Electron laser source

Instrument types

The UCSB Free Electron laser source offers high power terahertz radiation. The primary radiation source consists of two fully operational FELs, the MM-FEL and the FIR-FEL, covering the range of 2.5 mm to 63 µm (4 to 160 cm-1 or 120 GHz to 4.75 THz). These are connected to a users' laboratory by a vacuum optical transport system. Twelve switchable output ports allow multiple experimental setups. This facility is unique in providing tunable, coherent, kilowatt-level radiation for scientific research in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum. A 6 MV, recirculating-beam, electrostatic accelerator

Image of the Free Electron Lasers at UCSB. The large yellow tank accelerates electrons, which are guides along the beam line and into the “wigglers” at the far left.

generates a high quality 2 A beam for these FELs which are located in a three position beam switchyard.