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Instron-Sacks Planar Biaxial Soft Tissue Testing System

Instrument types

The low-force planar-biaxial system is designed to perform mechanical testing and property analysis of natural and bioartificial soft tissues. The test system allows single- and multi-axis tests to be performed in position, load control, or strain control and provides maximum flexibility for meeting various soft tissue testing needs.


The planar biaxial loading and control system consists of four Instron electromechanical MicroTester actuators and two four-axis FastTrack 8800 digital controllers. Video-based strain control system measures strain by tracking markers on specimen and controls the actuators based on this strain. Rapid imaging polarimeter provides pixel-wise alignment maps of loaded tissue.

110 mm
0.1 μm
0.05 μm
Load Cell Set 1
5 N
0.05% of reading
0.05 N
Load Cell Set 2
500 N
0.05% of reading
5 N