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NanoIndenter XP Mechanical Properties Microprobe System

Instrument types

This is an automated system for instrumented indentation of materials. The system consists of a controlled indentation tip with force controlled vertical displacement. Force and displacement versus time are recorded during the indentation. The specimen is mounted on a precision controlled x-y stage for precise positioning of indentation. For hard materials, the standard outputs are hardness and elastic modulus. It can be used for soft tissues with custom data reduction algorithms. The system is controlled using TestWorks 4 software, allowing great flexibility in design and operation of custom testing protocols. The system has a lateral force option for scratch testing, a continuous stiffness module for continuous stiffness monitoring, and a higher precision test head.


NanoIndenter XP microprobe hardware consists of: indenter, positioning microscope, and controlling hardware. A variety of tip geometries are available, including Berkovitch, cube corner, and cone.

1.5 mm
<0.01 nm
DCM Mode: Loads
10 mN
1 nN
XP Mode: Loads
500 mN
50 nN
High Load: Loads
10 N
50 nN