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Organic spintronics Deposition System

Instrument types

Available 2014.
A glove box and high-vacuum deposition system for the purpose of fabricating unique organic spintronics devices. The system purchased from Angstrom Engineering will have two independent vacuum chambers. It separates the process of organic semiconductor evaporation and metal electrode deposition into two specific chambers and thus reduce the cross contamination. The organic deposition chamber has four evaporation sources, where any three of them can run simultaneously to allow co-deposition. The vacuum pressure in both chambers can reach 10-8 Torr and this may lead to a much cleaner deposition. The most unique and important design of this glove box is that we would be able to transfer organic samples between two deposition chambers without breaking the vacuum. This in-situ transfer assures clean interface between two organic material layers and metal electrodes thus enhancing the device transport properties.