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This diffractometer features a 9kW rotating anode X-ray source, which produces a much higher intensity beam than sealed tube anodes. It is capable of performing most common XRD measurements as well as many uncommon ones, and can rapidly switch between various optical configurations including both Bragg-Brentano and Parallel-Beam geometries. It is suited for XRPD, XRR, GIXD, HRXRD, reciprocal space maps (RSMs), in-plane pole figures, and in-plane grazing incidence XRD scans.
Accessories for this instrument include:
  • Incident-beam Ge (022) double bounce monochromator, diffracted-beam graphite monochromator
  • D/teX Ultra linear position sensitive detector
  • Furnace, capable of heating to 1400°C in air, inert gases, or vacuum
  • Capillary stage used to hold and spin capillaries of various diameters for data collection in transmission mode.
  • Battery cell designed to charge and discharge Li-ion based battery materials in-situ.
  • In-plane arm which allows the point detector to traverse more than a quarter hemisphere around the sample.