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Confocal Microscope

Instrument types

Confocal Microscope Features

  • Full Spectrum Confocal...
  • Scanhead is user-switchable between upright and inverted microscopes and alignment-free for lifetime
  • Filter-free prism spectrophotometer head - design your own filters, maximize sensitivity, minimize crosstalk, record emission spectra
  • UV, visible confocal and multiphoton microscopy in one system
  • Superior UV performance with lens specific correction systems
  • Extra-large 22mm scan field for larger specimen view
  • K-Scanner for perfect resolution, higher scan speeds and scan rotation
  • Better resolution with adjustable pupil illumination
  • More digital resolution - 4096 levels (12 bit) in 7 dimensions
  • State-of-the-art electronics with real-time response
  • Interactive LCS software, configured to your needs
  • Multi-dimensional image processing engine
  • Tactile feedback with digital control knobs
  • Full range of application packages
  • Powerful macro control

Tsunami 1ps Ti: Saphire Laser Features

  • Broadest pulse width coverage (3 W for high-power harmonic generation and OPO pumping
  • Proprietary broadband optics cover 700–1080 nm
  • Uses Millennia® series all-solid state pump lasers (5–15 W)
  • Regenerative mode-locking for long-term stability, prevention of pulse dropouts, broadest wavelength coverage, and long picosecond pulse width capability
  • Low thermal expansion, Invar based resonator design
  • Gimbaled mirror mounts with three-point ball-bearing registry of all optics
  • Small footprint
  • Accessories include Lok-to-Clock® synchronization, harmonic generators, OPOs, kHz regenerative amplifiers, OPAs, and more