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Program Application

Four Circle Wide Angle X-ray Diffractometer(WAXS)

Instrument types


  • X-ray source: Rigaku UltraX18 rotating anode x-ray generator (Cu anode, wavelength = 1.54 Å)
  • Monochromator: OSMIC Confocal Maxflux focusing multilayer mirror
  • Beam size at sample: 1 mm x 1 mm
  • Optics: 2 sets of Huber slits for adjusting resolution and beam size
  • Detector: MAR345 Image Plate Area Detector
  • Goniometer: large Huber 4-circle
  • Sample stage: Motorized X-Y-Z-THETA-PHI-CHI stage
  • Flux: ~ 5x109 photons/second
  • Typical range of length scale probed: 2 Å – 50 Å
  • Computer: Linux PC
  • Software for data collection: SPEC
  • Software for data processing: CPLOT and Fit2D

Example: X-ray Diffraction Data from surfactant molecule Octadecylamine (ODA) after reacting with CO2 in the atmosphere (Belman 2009)