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Program Application

Philips X’PERT MPD

Instrument types


  • X-ray source: Philips high intensity ceramic sealed tube (3kW)
  • Wavelength: Cu Ka (1.5405 Å)
  • Incident beam optics: 2 interchangeable fixed slits and one Soller slit.
  • Diffracted beam optics: fixed slit plus programmable receiving slit, graphite analyzer
  • Detectors: sealed proportional counter and X'celerator PSD for high speed data collection
  • Sample stage: powder stage, texture cradle with sample translation
  • Software: Philips X’PERT suite: Data Collector, Graphics & Identify, Texture
    XPERT Powder (I) - for high-speed phase identification XPERT Thin Film (II) - for thin film, grazing-incidence XRD, texture measurement

Example Data

XRD data of a curundum plate collected on XPERT powder diffractometer