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Rigaku Smartlab High-Resolution Diffractometer

Instrument types

The SmartLab high-resolution diffraction system represents the state of the art in fully automated modular XRD systems. The system incorporates a high resolution theta/theta closed loop goniometer drive system, Rigaku's patented cross beam optics (CBO) technology (US Patent 6,807,251), an in-plane scattering arm and a fully automated optical system to make advanced measurements possible for both expert and novice users of the system.

Winner of the 2006 R&D 100 Award for technical innovation, the SmartLab is esigned for completely automated analysis of thin films and other advanced materials. Powered by Guidance, Rigaku's revolutionary knowledge based software package and optical sensors for hardware components, SmartLab uses fully developed measurement packages for completely automated optics configuration selection, optics and sample alignment and various measurements of thin films, epitaxial multilayers, powders and liquids. Measurement packages are available for powder diffraction, glancing incidence diffraction, in-plane diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, rocking curve and reciprocal space map measurements.

Optical Configurations

  • Parafocusing Slits:Bragg-Brentano XRD for powder and polycrystalline film samples. Texture and orientation analysis.
  • Parallel beam multilayer mirror: Grazing incidence XRD for thin film samples, transmission XRD and SAXS on capillary samples, medium resolution x-ray reflectivity (XRR).
  • Parallel beam multilayer mirror+4x Ge (220) monochromator: High resolution rocking curve measurement on semiconductor epi-layers and heterostructures. High resolution x-ray reflectivity on thin film and multilayer structures. Wafer mapping.
  • Parallel beam mirror+4xGe(220) monochromator+2xGe(220) analyzer: Triple axis measurement for high resolution reciprocal space map (RSM) and XRR.

Sample Stage Options

  • RX-RY Stage: Provides motorized adjustment of two orthogonal tilt angles for the sample, commonly used for precise correction of substrate/film mis-cut for perfect on-axis measurement. Surface normal alignment (mis-cut correction) can be done automatically through the Guidance software.
  • X-Y Stage (100mm travel): Provides motorized sample translation in two orthogonal directions. Can be used probe different parts of the sample or for automated wafer mapping (multi-point rocking curve measurement).
  • Capillary Holder: For powder or solution samples in capillaries.

Help Files

  • Data collection - Refer to Rigaku Guidance software manual
  • Data processing - Refer to Rigaku software manuals for GlobalFit (rocking curve simulation), 3DExplorer (RSM display), Integral Intensity (peak search and fitting) , GXRR3 (reflectivity fitting)