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Bruker-AXS D8 Discover Diffractometer

Instrument types

This also is state-of-the-art machine including Vantec-500 area detector, centric 1/4-circle Eulerian cradle, domed hot stage, hi-flux in-plane hardware, laser/video sample-alignment system, Göbel mirror, fine tilt stage, and dual-beam path analyzer module. The system can be configured for grazing-incidence in-plane XRD, grazing-incidence XRD, x-ray reflectivity, high-temperature XRD, high-resolution XRD (rocking curves, reciprocal space maps), texture (pole figures), residual stress, and capillary diffraction. Bruker D8 Discover diffarctometer is configured in parallel beam geometry with Cu Kalpha radiation (wavelength of about 1.54 Å).