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Bruker Photon 100 Single Crystal Diffractometer

Instrument types

Smart Apex Single Crystal Diffractometer  is a dedicated instrument for Crystallography studies (absolute structure determination using a single crystal sample).  This instrument delivers intense, monochromatic beam of Mo Kalpha radiation (0.7107 Å) produced using Graphite monochromator from a sealed Mo X-ray tube and collimated with a pinhole collimator. The single crystal is mounted on the tip of a glass fiber or a nylon loop affixed to a Goniometer head will be attached to a fixed χ, 3-axis goniometer.  The sample is optically aligned using Video camera and a manual control module.  The sample temperature can be varied from 100 – 500 K using Cryostream controller (Oxford Instruments).   The detector (Photon 100 CMOS detector) is placed at about 5 – 6 cm from the sample. The frame buffer computer is provided with APEX III software for sample centering, data collection (sample unit cell determination, and detailed structure determination), data integration, absorption correction, and structure determination and refinement.