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Rigaku SmartLab Diffractometer

Instrument types

This is a state-of-the-art instrument including a dedicated arm for detector movement in-plane and perpendicular to the sample surface, thereby able to probe structure in both directions without tilting the sample.  The instrument is equipped with cross beam optics device hardware that will allow switching between focussing (BB) and the parallel beam (PB) geometries easily.  SmartLab guidance software helps the optics and sample alignment automated and prepares optimum scan conditions.  SmartLab can be configured for grazing-incidence in-plane XRD, grazing-incidence XRD, x-ray reflectivity, high-resolution XRD (rocking curves, reciprocal space maps), texture (pole figures), residual stress analysis and small angle x-ray scattering study of nanoparticles.  The diffractometer uses Cu Kalpha radiation (wavelength of about 1.54 Å).